samedi 5 décembre 2009

The security situation in Burundi

Security: One person was killed that December by 04 men armed with Masha, Butanuka area
in Mpanda commune (Bubanza Province). According to neighbors of the victim, the perpetrators were fighters of the National Liberation Forces (FNL), because not far away is their site of assembly. However, administrative sources rather think it is a group of armed robbers because the victim had a lot of money. Also, these same thieves broke into the home of the son of the victim to rob and in neighboring households; (Bonesha FM, RPA, Isanganiro CCIB FM) Party militants MSD (Movement for Solidarity and Development) are persecuted by the ruling party CNDD-FDD. Several people are killed because of their political affiliation and others are persecuted and imprisoned. As examples, Mr Christopher, MAHANGAYIKO Jean Paul Ndayiragije Chantal, Alice BARAKAGWIRA and many others. In the case of Mrs. Alice BARAKAGWIRA, it has been imprisoned twice Mpimba prison and repeatedly persecuted for his political affiliation. View that its security is not guaranteed and she was threatened with death, she preferred taking the road of exile with her three children. Mrs. Alice BARAKAGWIRA remains in an unknown place and if it returns to Burundi, it can be killed for simply because it belongs to the Party which campaigns for Security and Development of impoverished people.